The Saft PHP Framework consists of:

  • Saft - Library. Here are all important classes of Saft located. It consists of different part which will be described below.

  • Skeleton (saft.skeleton) - Skeleton application. It contains additional helper classes to speed up developing using Saft library.

Saft Library

The Saft Library is structured as components. There are standard components which provide essential functionality (e.g. node handling) and there are additions, further components with implementations for certain use cases.

Core components


The RDF component provides interfaces for the basic RDF concepts, such as Node (Namednode/URI-Resource, Literal, Blanknode) and Statement (Triple and Quad). Additionally the StatementIterator provides a datastructure for just holding a list of Statements. It was designed to fit the terminology of the Semantic Web.

The Data component provides parser and serializer interfaces and classes:

  • DataParser for parsing any RDF serialization and returning a StatementInterator
  • DataSerializer for serializing data to any RDF serialization

The Store component contains classes and interfaces to provide store/database access. We provide the Store interface, which defines a minimum of methods an adapter has to implement to provide store/database access (data querying and data insert/update/deletion).

Additional components

Additions are actual implementations of the interfaces of Saft.library, for instance a cache or store adapter. Some may provide different kinds of implementations.

More information

Saft Skeleton Application (saft.skeleton)

The Saft.skeleton is a collection of helper classes (such as factories, ..) and other things that helps you accelerate while build applications with Saft.

See Github-Repository