What is Saft?

Saft is the aim to build a collection of components which helps anyone who wants to create applications by using Semantic Web technology.

It consists of the saft.library containing interfaces and components which can be included in any existing application structure and the saft.skeleton which helps developers to bootstrap an application from the scratch. The whole code is supposed to be free and open source software, but we haven’t decided for a license yet.

For further information about the project goals, please have a look at the About page.

Getting started

In this section you will find information how to start using Saft.


If you want to dive in directly, please have a look into Saft.example. This is a good starting point to check out parts of Saft. We tried to make the examples as clear as possible.


Our documentation grows with the code and contains primarly information about Saft and its components. Please have a look.


We provide integration packages for different systems to help you using Saft inside them.

for Wordpress

That plugin provides an integration of Saft into Wordpress. Currently, we support ARC2 to be used as store and integrated into active MySQL-database from WordPress, which means, it uses the same access credentials from the wp-config.php file.

Plugin page

for Drupal7

That module provides a basic integration of Saft into Drupal7. (Module page)