Saft version 0.1 was released!


Today we released the first stable version of saft. Look here for more information. From now on, you don’t need to use unstable annotation in composer (e.g. @dev or minimum-stability: dev) anymore.

Saft version 0.1.0-beta4 released (also Saft.wordpress)


Yesterday we released Saft in version 0.1.0-beta4. Saft is still under development, but step by step we come closer where we think Saft should be. The focus for the next release will be bugfixing, but also feature completion. For instance, currently Saft has two query cache implementations: one of its own and a rudimentary integration of Erfurt’s query cache. In the future we want a consolidated solution for query caching.

Saft.wordpress is a plugin for the WordPress CMS and makes Saft available inside of WordPress. It was also updated and got fixed (TombZombie/Dice was moved to Level-2/Dice recently).

Blog opened


Today we opened our SaftIng blog. Here you can find news around the SaftIng projects like Saft in the future. Furthermore we want to use this space to discuss thougths about implementations and strategies around Saft and Semantic Web technologies.